Cyber Crime

14 Jul 2016

Cyber crime is and will continue to be a huge threat to our communities across Devon and Cornwall, Nationally and Global,  significantly impacting upon productivity.

DCBC have lobbied for a number of years to improve engagement between private sector and the police authority and as a result, we are now working closely to develop a strategy for dealing with cyber risks. We are now leading the Devon and Cornwall Cyber Security Project, 2016 on behalf of Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and in collaboration Devon and Cornwall Police. Working alongside Key Partners, this project has the following aims.
  • Scope and map existing cyber security support
  • Develop a better understanding of the issues affecting the 3 target groups –  vulnerable people, businesses and the general public
  • Identify programmes that raise awareness of cyber crime and cyber security and initiatives that offer support for each target group
  • Set up and work with focus groups for vulnerable and business communities to establish ways forward for: 
         - Better cyber security messaging
         - Improved communication strategies
         - Developing future support needs
  • Distil key messages and ‘top tips’ from the existing support available and establish ways to apply these to robust communications strategies
  • Promote strategic planning for developing new approaches to promoting cyber security

To ensure the project’s success, we are seeking Key Partners to develop and feed into the research and these discussions on cyber security and cyber crime. Together, we will work to ensure this project of strategic importance will be insightful and relevant for all involved and affected. 

Key Contacts: 

For more information, please contact Katharine Bourke on email:

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