Sponsor's news: Bridging the Gap

26 Jan 2013

A new approach for planning applications!

Chartered Surveyor, Judith Gannon is celebrating the launch of her specialist property service, trading as JE Gannon Ltd. In addition to providing Development Management Consultancy, Judith will provide specialist assessments of the viability and economic outputs for all types of development projects. This will ensure that any development schemes are based upon realistic business assumptions as this modelling can accurately assess issues such as affordable housing provision and the impact of planning obligations such as S106 and other planning conditions.

Crucially it can also demonstrate the direct and indirect economic benefits arising from projects. This is a central to current Government advice to all Planning Authorities and can have a material impact on securing a successful decision. This service will be of assistance to both direct applicants or to a wide range of Professionals involved in the development and construction sector.

From her base in Devon, Judith can cover all areas of the South West.

With a huge amount of experience gained from a career spanning 25 years in property development in both residential and commercial sectors Judith said:

“In a challenging market and with a strong focus from National Policy on Economic Growth there is a very clear gap in the market for those who understand the how the development industry operates, the benefits it can bring and most importantly the relationship between Viability, Economic growth, existing and emerging Planning Policy. My aim is to bridge that gap and enable development which is viable to go ahead.” Since the start of the current recession Judith has advised and delivered planning and business modelling on handled projects ranging from £60k in the residential sector to mixed use and commercial developments up to £80million in value.

The business has already made a significant impact and has attracted a variety of clients including Abbey Manor Group, Wessex Investors and private clients in Cornwall and North Devon. So for anyone who needs routemap through the complexity of planning Judith Gannon is there to help!

For more information contact Sue Handford on 07785 593690

Notes to Editors

  1. Judith Gannon is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  2. JE Gannon Ltd is regulated by the RICS
  3. Judith and her team can be contacted at 07870 508813 or via email atbhl2000@btinternet.com

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