Plymouth University Employer Mentoring

15 May 2018

The Employer Mentoring Programme provides face to face mentoring support for students that are typically underrepresented in higher education in order to promote diversity in the workplace and to raise the aspirations and achievements of the students who are eligible for the programme.

So what is involved? 

The programme runs from October – April every year.  As a mentor you will receive training and be introduced to your student by the Employer Mentoring Coordinator. You will meet your allocated student once a month, for about an hour. Students and mentors set the time and date of the meetings, to ensure they are convenient to both parties. In their training session, the student will be supported to understand how to make the most of a mentoring relationship and to identify relevant and appropriate topics or issues to discuss with their mentor, so that as a professional, your time is used most effectively. Typical discussions focus around:

  • entry routes into your career area
  • gathering your observations on the professional area that you are in
  • seeking your support with networking
  • your thoughts and advice on typical early challenges in the work place, rights, roles and responsibilities; and where appropriate disclosure 

At the end of the programme we have an amazing celebration event to recognise how much our students and mentors have gained from the experience.

The programme allows students to gain confidence as well as learn more about the world of work but there is just as much for our mentors to gain by taking part.  Previous mentors have told us that they have:

  • developed coaching skills
  • refreshed their own view of work
  • been able to promote their  profession,  sector, employer or  business
  • developed their reflective learning
  • acted as a positive role model
  • increased their awareness of diversity issues

To find out more about the benefits of the Plymouth University Employer Mentoring Programme please look at: 

If you would like to be an employer mentor please email


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