Opportunity to source local talent through a mock-recruitment process, Plymouth Law School

4 May 2018

Practice interviews provide students with the opportunity to practise, review and develop their recruitment skills with industry professionals.

This process is a valuable way to meet potential candidates on a 1-2-1 basis, to help you engage with undergraduates before they make a formal application and more simply, to support the growth and development of local talent in Plymouth. 

Emily Packer, Careers Adviser for the University of Plymouth Faculty of Business, is piloting a new project for LLB Law students to help future talent develop connections with a local business, outside of law, to undertake a mock-interview and application process. The aim is to connect bright, ambitious law students, who want to use their legal knowledge in a range of careers, outside of legal practice, with the local labour market and develop their skills in alternative recruitment processes.

Why get involved? 

You may be looking to strengthen your connection to growing talent in Plymouth; be looking for a new way to recruit to a role or simply want to offer professional support to a student. The time commitment is Approximately 2 full days, plus correspondence to organise and meet your needs in setting up the project. It is a short, sharp way of engaging with a talented student body and meet any recruitment needs in one project.

If you are able to commit to this short, rewarding project, then please contact Emily Packer for further discussion on emily.packer@plymouth.ac.uk.


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