Network Rail Control Period 6 (CP6) consultation feedback

19 Jun 2017

DCBC recently attending the "CP6 and System Operator Workshop" hosted by Network Rail to head how the consultation sessions early in the year (which we contributed too also) had influenced their thinking.


Feedback from these earlier stakeholder events resulted in the following key themes being highlighted:


  • Alternative funding
    • Private investment
    • Longer franchises
    • Capital investment
  • 3rd party involvement and alignment
    • Increased communications
    • Stakeholder engagement when creating plans
    • Become more aware of 3rd party funding
  • Economic growth
    • Railway is a catalyst for growth
    • Provide housing and jobs
    • Improve productivity
  • Performance
    • Consider alternative ways of measuring performance
    • Increase focus on capacity, reliability and resilience
  • Connectivity
    • Improve regional connectivity
    • Moving passengers from road to rail
    • Western link into Heathrow airport
  • Enhancements
    • OMR to include incremental improvements and enhancements
    • Vision could have more focus on enhancements over renewals
    • Bring in more 3rd party funding
  • Passenger experience
    • Reliability
    • Resilience
    • Travelling office (Wi-Fi)
  • Operational changes
    • Moving to a multi-operator railway
    • Availability of network
      • Longer possessions
      • First train/last train


For further information, please see the pdf documents below


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