Devon & Cornwall Business Council launch new cyber security project

8 Feb 2016

As our reliance on digital technologies has increased, so too has cyber crime, and the potential impact of cyber attacks – from online fraud on individuals to disruption of corporate infrastructure. Cyber Security is undoubtedly a top priority globally, nationally and across Devon and Cornwall.

It is timely, therefore, that Devon & Cornwall Business Council (DCBC) is launching a new project – Devon & Cornwall Cyber Security 2016 – that it is supported by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and Devon & Cornwall Police.

Working alongside Key Partners, DCBC will scope and map existing information and support related to cyber security. We will distil essential cyber security messages and share best practice from existing resources for wider distribution to 3 target groups – vulnerable people, business and the general public. We will also identify needs for additional awareness-raising around existing support and identify future support requirements.

The Key Aims of the project are to:

  • build a base of Key Partners to contribute to, support and validate the project
  • develop a better understanding of the issues affecting the 3 target groups  vulnerable people, business and general public – across Devon and Cornwall
  • scope and map existing cyber security support (e.g. lead agencies, online resources, documentation, ad hoc and recurrent events)
  • identify initiatives that raise awareness of existing cyber security support appropriate for each target group: what it is, where it can be found, and how it can be used and/or accessed
  • set up and work with focus groups for vulnerable and business communities to establish: future support needs; better cyber security messaging; improved communication strategies
  • distil key messages and basic tips from existing support to apply to a robust communications strategy (incorporating e.g. online, social media, local press/radio, events, flyers)
  • strategic planning for developing new cyber security materials where a need is identified

To ensure the project’s success, we are seeking Key Partners to develop and feed into the research and these discussions on cyber security and cyber crime. Together, we will work to ensure this project of strategic importance will be insightful and relevant for all involved and affected. Key Partners will be influential contributors to the strategic outcomes of the project and will have the opportunity to work and collaborate with likeminded businesses and organisations. Key Partner logos and branding will be included in all project materials. There will an opportunity to take part in the end-of-project review and launch with the OPCC and Devon & Cornwall Police, and to develop new initiatives with them once the project findings have been presented.

To find out more about how to be actively involved in this exciting project, please review, complete and return the EOI [.PDF / .DOCX].


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