Cyber Security - Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe Online

19 Jul 2016

1. Be Savvy! Find out how to protect yourself and make it a habit, then pay it forward by sharing knowledge with others. 

Some useful websites inclue:

2. Use stong passwords and change them regularly

3. Keep your software updated on PC's laptops and all mobile devices

4. Treat cyber security as a fire (or other) risk. Test for it throughout the year, including checking that your offline backups are working.

5. Prepare for the worst by developing a plan with all necessary actions and communications ready to use.

6. Never reveal too much personal or financial information. You never know who might see it, or use it, and you can never be sure who's asking.

7. Don't click on links or attachements if the source isn't 100% known and trustworthy. And if you weren't expecting the email, check it through carefully to make sure it is the real deal before clicking anything - you can check links by hovering over them to ensure they will take you to the correct website. 

8. Take your time and think twice, because everything may not be as it seems. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is! And if it's out of character, prehaps the person sending the email is not who you think they are.

9. Never give your credit card details out or bank account information via email.

10. make sure you use secure wireless connections and don't ever do internet banking over a free wifi connection!

If anything you see or read online or in emails worries you please report it. You can report suspect phishing emails or malware to Action Fraud via this link

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