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8 Mar 2017

Over the years, marketers and sales directors combined have tried endlessly with their internal marketing data, to find successful ways to convert prospects who are not sales ready, into happy paying customers.

It’s no longer about focusing on one channel, like email, to nurture your leads. You’ve got to be thinking about all the different places your prospects are and how you can reach them at every point of their daily lives, so your company always stays at the fore front of their choices as, after all, your customers move quickly and seamlessly between digital and offline channels.

At the heart of all this is your CRM as the data it holds will help you determine where your potential customers are, how influential they are within their organisation and at what stage of the sales cycle they’re at.

The constant questions are; what content and which platform do I use to keep them informed? How many times throughout the sales cycle do I need to contact them? Need to be regularly assessed all without running the risk of them requesting to be removed all together and losing that possible opportunity.

A recent study shows that 80 percent of prospects make the decision to buy after the fifth to twelfth communication attempt which shows the importance of nurturing these leads via our CRM system and with a planned communication strategy.

So what’s next in 3 simple steps?


The welcome message
Welcome campaign messages via email and direct mailings are frequently opened and highly anticipated by prospects. Remind them why they were converted in the first place. Was it via a newsletter, online ad or a targeted marketing campaign? Now is the time to start providing them with educational content that keeps them inspired and reminds them why they chose you in the first place.

Don’t let them forget
Keep a regular communication schedule planned to prevent the prospect from forgetting about you and being taken away last minute by a noisy competitor. This activity may be placed over a longer period of time compared to the original campaign that qualified them in the first place. However it’s important to keep feeding these people with great content such as white papers, case studies and videos based around the solutions you have to offer.

Not all your leads and prospects will engage with these activities and may be inactive for a long period of time but similar to the above, activities reminding them who you are important with the goal of re qualifying these names. Invite them to an event you are attending or re-target them via email or a simple mailing with sector specific material that will make them realise that choosing your services will be the best choice to move their company forward. 



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