Website Analysis Workshop

3 August 2017
09:30 – 11:00
Optix Solutions 1st Floor, Alphin Brook House, Alphin Brook Road, Exeter EX2 8RG

Have you ever wondered how well you are performing online? Do you know how well your competitors are doing?

Would you like to know what the best tools for auditing your website are?

Using the latest tools, we will help you understand your users better and how to make them work harder for you.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their current website or who is looking to embark on a new website project.


In this workshop we will show you them and how to interpret and use the data they give you. We will take you through the following:

  • Your Search Engine Visibility - Find out how visible you are on Google
  • Your Rankings - Find out what you rank for on major search engines and how well you’re ranking for things you really should be
  • Heatmaps - Find out where people are clicking on your site
  • Scroll Depths - Find out how far people are scrolling down your site
  • Your Content - Are you providing your visitors with the right type of content? Could your content work harder for you? Do you know your user personas?
  • Google Analytics - Find out how to analyse basic stats in Google Analytics to understand your users
  • User Journeys - Find out how to analyse user journeys on your site
  • Split Testing - Find out how to run ‘experiements’ on your website in order to improve conversions
  • Page Speed - Find out how fast your website is
Delivery Organisation: 
Optix Solutions
How to Register: 

Please register here or contact Curt Lewis direct at Optix Solutions.

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