We Love Lucy!

20 July 2017
17:45 – 19:30
Optix Solutions 1st Floor, Alphin Brook House, Alphin Brook Road, Exeter EX2 8RG

Join other marvellous marketers for a night of brain storming, idea bouncing, food, drinks, table tennis and pool.


ur first event of its kind will be on the theme of Personas, we create Personas for our clients to really get under the skin of their customers and clients, it helps really understand who they are marketing to and how they should engage with them. Here at Optix, one of our Client Personas is Lucy, a male or female Marketing Manager or Executive.

  • Lucy works in marketing. They are usually in their second or third role
  • They usually have the title of marketing manager, sometimes exec or assistant
  • They are working their way up the career ladder and one day will almost certainly be a marketing director
  • They are hungry for knowledge, they thrive on being the best they can and they love their craft
  • They are usually fall into the millennial category or very close to it
  • Lucy drives a Golf and listens to Spotify, sometimes they sing along to their music when they are alone
  • Lucy is often a member of the CIM
  • Lucy likes a glass of prosecco or a cheeky beer with their friends
  • Lucy reads marketing week occasionally
  • Lucy is active on most social media platforms but they're probably not on snapchat
  • Lucy reads a lot and likes to use social media to learn
  • When it comes to working with people like us they love to know the mechanics of how we work

There will be a welcome reception with food and drinks followed by a short talk on Personas from Alastair Banks, with an opportunity to chat, network and relax over a drink and a game of pool. Arrivals are welcome from 5pm and we will aim to start at around 6pm giving everyone a chance to get here after work.

With an aim to get like-minded people from the local area in an office together, we hope to provide a support group and opportunities to discuss ideas and ask others about their past successes and failures with marketing tactics.

Office space and Wi-Fi will be available if anyone would like to use some of the time to catch up on work.


Delivery Organisation: 
Optix Solutions
How to Register: 

Please register here or contact Curt Lewis direct at Optix Solutions.

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