Dealing With Difficult People & Negativity

11 July 2017
Compton House, 11 Park5, Harrier Way, Exeter, EX2 7HU.

Our Dealing with Difficult People and Negativity course is designed for people who encounter challenging individuals; you know them: the Aggressor, the Whiner, the Over - agreeable, the Silent Pouter, the Negativist and the Know-it-All.


This course is ideal for anyone who has to interact with difficult people who can cause a disruption to the harmony of the workplace – whether these people be colleagues, supervisors, members of your team or customers.

Course Content

  • Words and phrases you can rely on.
  • Identify the four major behavioural and communication styles.
  • Identify and manage more effectively seven ‘difficult people’ styles.
  • Transform negative attitudes into positive ones.
  • Deal with and change negativity at work and home.
  • Foster communication and teamwork.
  • Identify triggers and create coping strategies.
  • Become your own positive influence.
  • All delegates receive a personal profile.

Who is the trainer?

Helen Gilzean – Head of People Development

PRICE: £195 + VAT

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Delivery Organisation: 
Crisp Professional Development
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