The reliability, cost and quality of local, regional and national infrastructure plays a vital role in promoting and sustaining economic growth and prosperity. Businesses make investment decisions based on rail, road, air and digital connectivity.

For Devon and Cornwall to continue to compete at both a national and global level, we must champion and support investment in these vital...

DCBC are seeking to promote entrepreneurship and further engender a positive and aspirational culture, which are vital ingredients for the peninsulas recovery and long term success.

DCBC are working with a diverse stakeholder community, including the private sector, public sector, and education providers.

DCBC seeks to influence the distribution of economic activity and community planning throughout Devon and Cornwall, to ensure a stable, prosperous and progressive society. By working in partnership with the public, private and 3rd sectors, DCBC aims to ensure that economic, social, cultural and ecological policies engender improvements to our society as a whole. 

DCBC are working to ensure that sustainable investments are made in the region by government and external investors and within the region by existing companies. We are working to ensure that our LEPs are driving inward investment and that our existing companies feel confident enough to continue to invest in the regional economy. In particular, we are keen to support organisations that are...

Ensuring that the correct skills are in place, both within our existing and future work force, is vital to the economy of Devon and Cornwall.

As important as our regions infrastructure, our knowledge infrastructure is a key component in fostering successful businesses. DCBC are working proactively with a number of key stakeholders across the peninsula on a number of initiatives.

As an organisation, DCBC are ideally positioned to support the delivery of projects that align with any of our strategic priorities. We have an extensive network which can be mobilised to great effect reaching out across both counties, into all business sectors and into the wider community. To see what projects we are currently delivering in partnership please read on......

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