About us

Devon and Cornwall Business Council (DCBC) was formed in 2001 when a relatively small but influential number of private sector businesses felt they needed a ‘single voice’ to represent their views both regionally and nationally where historically, these had fallen beneath the political radar. DCBC was not intended to replace any of the other business representative organisations such as the local Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Institute of Directors, who all have a specific role to support their members. DCBC was formed to complement these services, providing a single forum for discussion, debate and for developing partnerships with the other key representative organisations within the two counties, many of whom are on DCBC’s Advisory Board.

Our main objectives are:

  • To provide a well-informed, coherent and authoritative voice to represent the business interests of Devon & Cornwall
  • To ensure that the best decisions are made to deliver sustainable economic prosperity for Devon & Cornwall
  • To work in support of our members and partners to help to achieve collective goals & aspirations

In order to achieve these objectives:

  • DCBC lobbies on key issues of importance to our business community.
  • DCBC works at a strategic level across the peninsula, brokering high-level connections between the private, public, and third sectors.
  • DCBC works with organisations of any size and any sector, and are proud to include Social Enterprises and education / training providers amongst our member network.

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